Measures to preserve international cooperation under the current conditions were discussed at the ICIE meeting

June 23, 2022

On June 23, an online meeting of the ICIE took place. The main topic of the meeting was the social and political situation in the world and its impact on the members of the International Congress. The Chairman of the Council of the ICIE, Vasily Tarlev, proposed practical steps to preserve and intensify international cooperation, as well as to reduce the negative impact on the members of the ICIE, both national business associations and specific commercial structures.

At the meeting, a number of issues of the current activities of the Congress were considered, including the development of comprehensive measures and areas of cooperation aimed at solving urgent logistical, financial, trade and economic problems in modern conditions.

New members of the ICIE were also introduced. They were UNIMATIC-MSK LLC, Russian Federation and the Association of Small and Medium Businesses of the Vincenza Region, Italy.[1]

1 — According to the press service of the ICIE