The UNIDOCIIC took part in the discussions of the XII International Forum on Sustainable Waste Management

December 03, 2022

From November 30 to December 3, Andhra Padesh, India, hosted the XII International Forum on Sustainable Waste Management.

Sustainable waste management, safety and conservation of resources are the fundamental goals of the United Nations, set in SDG-2030, directly related to the quality of life, especially for residents of metropolitan areas. IconSWM is one of the largest and most popular ISWMAW platforms established in 2009 in India to share ideas in SDG.

The 12th IconSWM-CE & IPLAGlobal Forum 2022 is designed to discuss important issues and decisions related to the policy, innovation and implementation of new technologies in the field of solid and liquid waste management, and became the official event before the 13th 3R Intergovernmental Regional Forum in Asia-Pacific region, which will be held in 2023 under the auspices of the Government of Japan and UNCRD.

Participants discussed the latest trends in research and development, strategies and implementation opportunities, as well as future plans for environmental protection, sustainable waste management, the concept of a circular economy and resource efficiency, issues of reducing the extraction of natural resources and social obligations of states under the SDGs.

The forum was held in a mixed offline and online format, among the participants were representatives of the UNIDO CIIC.

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