VII International Forum “Ecology”

March 04, 2016

March 2-3, 2015 VII International Forum „St-Petersburg — the Sea Capital of Russia. Ecology“ took place in St. Petersburg.

VII International Forum “Ecology”

The Forum was held with the assistance and participation of both chambers of Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the RF, Ministry of Housing and Building of the RF and other relevant ministries and institutions.

Large industrial and transport enterprises, oil and gas companies, housing and utilities companies, scientific and research institutions, equipment producers, eco service companies (insurance, monitoring, certification, maintenance) were also invited to participate in the event.

The aim of the event was elaboration of the effective measures dedicated to mitigation of the human impact on water resources and ecological safety in time of waste treatment in the Russian Federation.

The event included business and exhibition programmes. Main topics of the business programme were legal regulation in sphere of environmental protection, better quality of potable water and damage mitigation from municipal water discharge, elaboration and implementation of better available technologies.

In the framework of certain round tables with participation of authorities, representatives of business and scientific communities opened discussion of the most topical issues of state ecology politics, new joint solutions on liquidation of existing gaps of environmental legislation: in sphere of sewage setting, right to use of water objects, impact of butts and waste deposits on the environment etc.

The great importance was given to elaboration and creation of complex waste management system in Russia. Topical issues of implementation of FL-458, economic mechanisms development, advancement of housing and utility in sphere of wastes treatment were considered.

The Director of the UNIDO Centre for International Industrial Cooperation in the Russian Federation Mr. Sergey Korotkov moderated the Working session „ Industrial waste: how to create an effective system of waste management“. In the framework of the sessions thematic discussions were held and the the following presentations were delivered:

  • State policy and normative legal regulation in the field of waste management: analysis of law enforcement practice;
  • The stages of implementation of the concept concerning waste management in the Moscow region;
  • UNIDO’s experience in project implementation in the field of industrial and other waste management;
  • Treatment facilities and waste processing: moving from loss making to commercially viable projects.

The main result of the event is a resolution with propositions and recommendations from forum participants which will be sent to special-purpose committees of Upper and Lower Houses of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, relevant ministries and institutions for water defense legislation advancement.