UNIDO supports innovation ecosystem and entrepreneurial support infrastructure in Azerbaijan

June 11, 2021

UNIDO supports innovation ecosystem and entrepreneurial support infrastructure in Azerbaijan

Seeking to advance key development areas allowing a smooth transition to the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), Azerbaijan is looking for ways to transform its economy with an increasing emphasis on building innovation ecosystems, ensuring technological learning, supporting the job market transformation and providing educational services that meet the emerging demands for new professional skills.

UNIDO supports the Innovation Agency of Azerbaijan by convening international experts for technological learning and skill boosting innovation. The UNIDO project “Development of an innovation ecosystem and support infrastructure, including a Digital Education and Innovation Centre in Azerbaijan” builds on best practices in developing innovation ecosystems, as well as support infrastructure to enhance the competitiveness of local enterprises. In addition to fostering knowledge transfer, one of the project’s main focuses is leveraging strategic partnerships among the public and private sectors, as well as with academia, improving access to the necessary technical resources.

As part of its entrepreneurial ecosystem support initiative with the financial support of the Government of Slovenia, UNIDO and the Innovation Agency of Azerbaijan, held webinar series to share experiences by Slovenian experts from the public and private sector across thematic areas, such as key ingredients of a successful start-up community, impact of each player on a start-up ecosystem, government support to start-ups and entrepreneurs, e-Health ecosystems, multifaceted business strategy development and marketing.

Drawing on diverse expert and knowledge pool, which is continuously expanded during such e-learning initiatives, the project will establish the Digital Education and Innovation Centre (DEIC) that will become a knowledge hub designed to host specialized webinars on 4IR technologies, smart energy, climate change mitigation, circular economy, industrial safety and security, developing skills for the 4IR and overcoming professional gender gaps.