UNIDO Centre at the All-Russia Business Forum “Ecotechnoparks of Russia”

February 19, 2018

UNIDO Centre at the All-Russia Business Forum “Ecotechnoparks of Russia”

From 13 to 14 February 2018 the II All-Russia Business Forum «Ecotechnoparks of Russia» organized by the European-Russian Business Association «ERBA», the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation in cooperation with All-Russia Public Organization «Business Russia» and with support of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, was held in Moscow. The Director of the UNIDO Centre in Russia Sergey Korotkov, national project coordinator Vladimir Komissarov and national expert Svetlana Erkenova took part in the event.

The Forum was dedicated to comprehensive technological and organizational solutions in such areas as collection, sorting, recycling, neutralization and disposal of various types of household and industrial wastes in modern multifunctional regional and trans-regional technological centres – industrial waste management parks in the Russian Federation.

The UNIDO Centre Director Sergey Korotkov made a presentation at the plenary session «Ecothechnoparks in Russia and worldwide». His presentation focused on the role of UNIDO in promoting best available technologies of waste treatment into secondary resources. In particular, he spoke about the main priorities of the Organization in this field in line with the inclusive and sustainable industrial development strategy, aimed at achieving shared prosperity and increasing economic competitiveness.

In the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution the activities of the UNIDO Centre are geared towards providing support to Russian institutions in their transition to the circular economy model with the aim of improving environmental protection and ensuring efficiency in resource use. Mr. Korotkov presented the UNIDO Centre’s experience in this field, and in particular the work under the regional project «E-waste Academy» for CIS countries.