UNIDO promotes culture for quality in the Ghanaian cashew value chain

May 03, 2023

UNIDO promotes culture for quality in the Ghanaian cashew value chain

A cashew roundtable took place on April 14th and drew representatives of all the key actors in the cashew value chain to discuss the findings of the Qualtrics assessment tool developed by UNIDO. The round table focused on issues that will enhance quality as well as enforce quality standards to improve the position and competitiveness of Ghanaian cashew on the international market.

The round table highlighted the pivotal role to be played by the Ghana Commodity Exchange (GCX), supported by the GQSP to establish warehouses equipped for the trading of quality cashew nuts.

The Tree Crop Development Authority (TCDA), the newly established regulatory authority for the cashew industry, was very satisfied with the results and recommendation outlined by the UNIDO project.

The Deputy Director stated that the TCDA has embraced the tool and the realistic results achieved. He noted the importance of making quality a culture in the industry and to abandon the “hit and run” attitude to culture that prevailed previously.

Stakeholders also noted that the implementation will improve the livelihoods of the cashew industry actors – especially farmers.

The Global Quality and Standards Programme, a SECO funded programme implemented by UNIDO, seeks to enhance the competitiveness of cashew, cocoa and oil palm exports from Ghana.