UNIDO Director-General discusses projects for Tatarstan with President Minnikhanov

June 11, 2010

UNIDO Director-General discusses projects for Tatarstan with President Minnikhanov

KAZAN, Russia, 15 May 2010 – The economic, industrial and investment potential of the Republic of Tatarstan and joint projects with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) were discussed during a meeting between President Rustam Minnikhanov and UNIDO Director-General in Kazan.

A USD 1.5 million project to be soon launched will improve water quality and reduce negative regional and transboundary impact from industrial activities within the middle and lower Volga River basin through the introduction of UNIDO’s integrated approach for the transfer of environmentally sound technology. It will help identify, evaluate and prioritize pollution “hot-spots” in the basins of trans-border reservoirs and transfer environmentally sound technologies.

Another project will lay the ground for creating a Centre for environmentally safe disposal of potentially hazardous consumer products and industrial wastes.

The Director-General also visited Kazanorgsintez, one of the largest chemical companies in Russia. He discussed with the company management possible joint projects with UNIDO on energy and resource efficiency and cleaner production, including Chemical Leasing, a service-oriented business model that reduces ineffective use and over-consumption of chemicals and helps companies enhance their economic performance.

Chemical Leasing is a new and innovative instrument to promote sustainable management of chemicals and close the material cycles between suppliers and users of chemicals. UNIDO plays a leading and coordinating role for the implementation and further development of Chemical Leasing which is applicable to both large and small enterprises of different sectors.

The Director-General expressed his gratitude to President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov and Deputy of the State Duma of Russia Fatik Sibagatullin for the warm welcome extended to him and all members of delegation during his official visit to the Republic of Tatarstan. The Letter.