February 06, 2023

Due to the increased use of the UNIDO title by third parties, please draw your attention to the following:

  1. UNIDO — United Nations Industrial Development Organization — implements its activities through
    • a network of ITP offices (9),
    • Field Offices (30), Regional Hubs (19),
    • HQ / Liaison Offices (4),
    • Centre for South-South Industrial Cooperation (China),
    • International Centre for Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development (ICISID) (India),
    • Project Offices (2).

      Find out more about UNIDO network.
  2. The UNIDO Centre in the Russian Federation is the official representative office of UNIDO and part of the network of ITP offices and operates in accordance with the mandate of UNIDO.
  3. The UNIDO Centre in the Russian Federation does not conduct commercial transactions, does not act as an intermediary of payments for individuals and does not participate in commercial activities with them, as well as in all types of activities that are not included in the mandate of UNIDO.
  4. UNIDO NEVER requires anyone to pay any fee either when applying for any advertised position or after being selected for the post.
  5. UNIDO does NOT charge a fee at any stage of its procurement process (supplier registration, bids submission or other fee), or for recruiting a consultant or an expert.
  6. UNIDO does NOT charge a fee at any stage of a project.
  7. Individuals who successfully complete UNIDO-supported training programs receive a qualification certificate, which, however, does not necessarily establish any direct link or affiliation with UNIDO.

Financial loss and identity theft can result from providing personal details or the transfer of money to those issuing such correspondence. UNIDO is not responsible for any such loss or theft.

You should further be aware that these types of scams are very difficult to investigate and there is little or no chance of you getting your money back or finding the individuals concerned. The best ways to deal with these crimes are PREVENTION and PROTECTION.

You can report any suspicion of fraud by filing a complaint directly with the UNIDO Office of Internal Oversight and Ethics (IOE) via the online reporting tool. You can also leave a message at