Presentation of the independent mid-term review of the UNIDO project

April 28, 2017

Презентация независимого среднесрочного обзора проекта ЮНИДО

On the 26th April 2017 the Presentation of the mid-term review of the UNIDO project “Environmentally sound management and final disposal of PCBs at the Russian Railroad network and other PCBs owners” was held in the office of UNIDO CIIC Russia. The review has been conducted by the independent UNIDO consultants since December 2016 till March 2017.

The representatives of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation, Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Natural Resource Use (Rosprirodnadzor), “Russian Railways” LLC, Gubkin Russian State Oil and Gas University, FSBI “Russian Energy Agency” for the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation as well as the project working group attended the Presentation.

The UNIDO national consultant S.Pokrovskiy and the UNIDO international consultant Y. Ahvelidiani presented the results of independent mid-term review of the project. The project has been evaluated according to several key indicators, namely: project design and readiness, efficiency, relevance, monitoring and evaluation system, sustainability, project management and coordination. The state of project implementation at the period of review has been measured according to the state of implementation of each component, and the overall completion of the project is 54%.

The independent consultants mentioned that the overall including all its components is assessed as satisfactory. The risks that could hinder the full implementation of the project were identified, including delays in approving the necessary regulatory and legal documents by the Government and the decision of the Eurasian Economic Union, which prohibits import of PCB standards necessary for calibration of equipment. Taking into account the state of project implementation and the identified risks, particular project objectives are unlikely to be achieved in a timely manner. At the result of review, it is recommended to extend the project deadlines, refine project statements, establish measurable indicators, as well as adopt measures for project replication and scaling.

Презентация независимого среднесрочного обзора проекта ЮНИДО

At the end of the presentation, the consultants thanked all partners and stakeholders who took an active part in the discussions and interviews and contributed to the preparation of the review report. They also expressed their gratitude to the project management, experts and staff of the UNIDO Center in Russia for their prompt work, timely information, assistance in organizing meetings and interviews, including participation in the Steering Committee in December 2016 in Moscow.

During a working and lively discussion of the results of the mid-term review, it was decided to develop a Roadmap which includes all comments and recommendations of the review. The participants of the meeting expressed their hope that the project management will overcome all temporary difficulties and the project will be fully implemented.