International Ecological Arts Festival "KronFest 2021"

July 16, 2021

From 26 to 29 August 2021, the XII International Ecological Arts Festival „KronFest“ will be held in Kronstadt. The festival program includes exhibitions on environmental topics, master classes, quests, excursions, a bicycle ride, a marathon on water-free modes of transport and much more.

In 2021, the creative program of the festival will feature:

  • International scientific conference „Actual ecological problems of the Baltic region“ (6+)
  • Screening of films about ecology (6+)
  • Works on clearing the coast of the Gulf of Finland with the involvement of volunteers and environmentalists (8+)
  • Opening of the exhibition of art objects „KronFest“ dedicated to environmental issues (0+)
  • Concert and theatrical programs (0+)
  • KronFest for children (4+)
  • Guide to the ecological trail „West Kotlin“ (6+)
  • Marathon on water non-fuel modes of transport (sup-boards) (16+)
  • Bicycle ride (6+)

On August 26 at 11.00 in the Museum of the History of Kronstadt (Yakornaya square, 2a), a scientific-practical conference „Actual ecological problems of the Baltic region“ will take place. The conference will be attended by specialists from international environmental organizations and associations, and at 12.00 there will be a presentation of the travel guide “Traveling with a quest card“ West Kotlin ”.

From 26 to 29 August, the Museum of the History of Kronstadt (Yakornaya Square, 2a) will host days of French cinema — screenings of films on environmental topics created in France. In the program: a documentary film „Energy Observer, Messengers of the Earth“, as well as 4 episodes of the film „Energy Observer, An Odyssey for the Future“. Show time — 16.00.

On August 27 at 11.00 on Museum Square (Leningradskaya st., 2) and Fort „Rif“ (Kronstadtskoe shosse, 74, letter A), exhibitions of art objects „KronFest“ on environmental topics will be opened, as well as from 12.00 to 16.00 creative a marathon of master classes from junk material for a family audience and the opening of an exhibition following the results of the competition „I create and get up“ (Leningradskaya st., 2). On this day at 12.00 in the Museum of the History of Kronstadt (Yakornaya square, 2a) the game „Marine spatial planning“ will take place.

On August 28, on the Baltic Sea Day, Fort „Rif“ (74 Kronstadt highway, letter A) will host a marathon on water fuel-free modes of transport (sup-boards) and a volunteer trip to clean up the coastline of the fort. On this day, the pavilion of the Baltic Seal Friends Fund will also work at the Rif Fort.

On August 29, from 12.00 to 16.00, a children’s quest „Real and virtual water“ will take place at Museum Square (Leningradskaya St., 2), and the ecological creative marathon of master classes for a family audience will continue. On the final day of the Festival, a bicycle ride within the framework of the Festival will take place in Kronstadt (beginning at 10.30). The pavilion of the Baltic Seal Friends Fund will operate at the Rif Fort. On the Museum Square (Leningradskaya st., 2) at 12.00 a concert program will begin and an award ceremony for the participants of the KronFest Festival will take place. In the Museum of the History of Kronstadt (Yakornaya Square, 2A) at 17.00 there will be a presentation of the fashion film „Ecology of a Big City“.

Full program of "Kronfest":

Accreditation and additional information at:
Telephones for communication: 8 (812) 246-48-73, 8 (812) 311-95-90, 8 (965) 765-06-70 (Olga Drobnitskaya, on the festival program), 8 (906) 276-11 -64 (Ksenia Karaseva, on cooperation and artistic programs), 8 (952) 244-24-22 (Vera Yarovikova, on media issues).

KronFest partners:
KronFest partners: Museum of the History of Kronstadt, Fort Rif, French Institute in Russia, Information portal, Center for International Industrial Cooperation Unido in the Russian Federation, John Nurminenna Foundation (Finland), Center for Ecology and Nature Conservation of the Baltic Sea Region GGUP SF „Mineral“, Institute of Aqua-Territorial Planning „ERMAK North-West“, GKU „Directorate of Specially Protected Natural Areas of St. Petersburg, GUP“ Vodokanal of St. Petersburg „, St. Petersburg Charitable Foundation“ Light „, Center for the Development of Bone Donation Brain, Youth Tourism Center, Baltic Seal Friends Fund, “Paper of Kindness” project.

The project is implemented with the support of the Presidential Grants Fund