UNIDO CIIC supports the “Green and healthy office 2022” award

October 15, 2022

On October 14, 2022, an online presentation of the best environmental practices of the companies participating in the Green and Healthy Office 2022 award took place. The camaign is carried out by MBS with the information support of the UNIDO CIIC.

Elena Verkhovskaya, head of the Green and Healthy Office 2022 campaign, noted: “Despite the current challenges, companies in Russia continue to pay attention to environmental issues, health and motivation of their employees, since such a strategy is the key to increasing business sustainability. And this unique experience that participants share as part of the campaign can help other companies in our country become more environmentally and human-oriented.”

This year, more than 60 companies took part in the campaign. Representatives of the following companies spoke at the final event: Sberbank PJSC, YANDEX, CROC Incorporated CJSC, Russian Railways OJSC, MTS PJSC, Headhunter LLC, City-XXI Century JSC, Sreda Opportunities Development Center ANO, LLC „Volta Russland“, Krasnopolyanskaya cosmetics, GC Sayan group, LLC „Combine of ecological service“, Hotel „Ambassador Kaluga“ LLC OP „SERVICOM“, FGBOU VO „Bashkir State Agrarian University“, LLC „CIR“, Organic Skolkovo (LLC „ ORGANIC GOLF).

Natalia Ushakova, Head of the Regional Development Department of the Russian Ecological Society, General Director of ANO Moscow Ecological Register, member of the jury noted: “We continue to popularize the promotion of the greening of office space, create a healthy and comfortable environment for all employees. It is very important that, in addition to the employees them-selves, the heads of companies are also involved, on whose position, their vision and attitude to the greening of the office, depends whether it will be possible to develop and move towards a green office. The platform of the action allows all participants to see the best practices, listen to colleagues and ask questions, find out how good results were achieved, what needs to be done in the first place and how to plan office greening for the future.”

Sergey Korotkov, Director of the UNIDO CIIC, in his welcoming speech noted: “We have been cooperating with colleagues for a long time and support initiatives to exchange best practices in the development of socially responsible business and sustainable development. I’m looking forward to the development of important environmental initiatives for sustainable development through this campaign as well. Improving environmental, social and management decisions in business along with the quality of products and services are key success factors for a competitive economy. And since business is not only technology, but also people, it is important for an employer to support employees and demonstrate high standards both in the field of caring for the environment, and to develop programs for caring for the physical and mental health and training of employees, inclusiveness, rational resource consumption and a policy of responsible procurement”.

The jury included the best experts in sustainable development, green building, ESG, the introduction of separate waste collection and greening of offices, eco-activists and independent experts, as well as representatives of the Ecological Union certification body (Vital Leaf voluntary environmental certification system), ANO „Moscow Ecological Register“, the certification system „Forest Standard“, the national methodology for certification of real estate.

The winners and nominates of the award this year were Yandex, Headhunter LLC, City-XXI Century JSC, NATURA SIBERICA LLC and others. Detailed information about the participants, submitted nominations and voting results can be found on the websites: www.platforma-konkurs.ru and www.зеленыйофис.com.

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