The Governor of the Chelyabinsk Region held a regular meeting of the Coordinating Council for Environmental Issues

January 31, 2023

The meeting was attended by the head of the Russian Ecological Society, Chairman of the Governor’s Coordinating Council on Environmental Issues Rashid Ismailov, heads of working groups, social activists and environmentalists.

Director of the UNIDO CIIC Sergey Korotkov, acting as a member of the Council, also took part in the meeting and discussion.

In his speech, Alexey Teksler, The Governor of te Chelyabinsk region, announced the steps taken to improve the environmental situation in the region.

Thus, ChMK PJSC modernized the gas cleaning of the electric steel-smelting shop, after the modernization PJSC Fortum moved away from coal combustion at the CHPP-2 and switched to gas, MMK PJSC launched a new sinter plant, modernized the gas cleaning of the electric steel-smelting shop, and builds a new coke oven battery.

In addition, 33 industrial enterprises entered into bilateral agreements with the regional government to improve the environmental situation. By 2025, the companies agreed a plan to implement a total of 177 environmental measures.

The head of the Russian Ecological Society, Rashid Ismailov, in his speech thanked Alexey Teksler for the fruitful work in the region.

„For us, the South Urals business expansion is extremely important, even politically important. Within the past year the South Urals hold the leadership positions in terms of environmental initiatives supported at the federal level. As we may see the environment in this very reion is on the top agenda,“ said Rashid Ismailov.

Among the measures implemented to improve the environment, Alexey Teksler noted the reclamation of the Chelyabinsk city landfill, the completion of the liquidation of an oil storage facility in Zlatoust with an area of almost 1 hectare, the commissioning of an integrated facility for sorting and disposal of MSW in Magnitogorsk, which made it possible to close the Magnitogorsk landfill (its reclamation will begin this year). ), the elimination of over 500 unauthorized landfills (more than 200 more will be liquidated, the reclamation of 4 large landfills in Kartaly, Upper Ufaley and Zlatoust will begin).

In addition, in 2022, the Chelyabinsk Region was among the eight regions where eco-industrial parks will be launched.

Separate waste collection is being actively introduced in the region at the moment. About 5.5 thousand containers for separate collection of MSW have been installed (in Chelyabinsk, Kopeysk, Yuzhnouralsk, Troitsk, Magnitogorsk, Snezhinsk, Ozersk, Kyshtym and Sosnovsky municipal district). By the end of the year there will be about 8,000 of them.

The leaders of the working groups shared their proposals for solving environmental problems. The initiatives will be put in the guidelines for further implementation.

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