Establishment BRICS Foundry Association

September 15, 2015

Establishment BRICS Foundry Association
Signing of the Constitution for establishment of interregional BRICS Foundry Association took place on 10 September 2015 in Nizhny Novgorod at the V BRICS Foundry Forum.

There were discussions on BRICS foundry industry consolidation on 8-10 September 2015 in the Exhibition Complex of NIzhegorodskay Yarmarka in the frame of XII Congress of Russian Foundry Association and Exhibition Foundry 2015 at IV International Business Summit in Nizhny Novgorod of the Russian Federation.

Governor of Nizhny Novgorod Region Valery Shantsev and representatives of the Ministry of economic development and the Ministry of Industry of Niizhny Novgorod participated at the signing ceremony of the Constitution for BRICS Foundry Association establishment and at the V BRICS Foundry Forum.

Establishment of BRICS Foundry Association was initiated by national Foundry associations of BRICS countries: Brazilian Foundry Association (ABIFA), Russian Association of Foundrymen (RAF), The Institute of Indian Foundrymen (IIF), China Foundry Association (CFA), South African Institute of Foundrymen (SAIF) and which have experience of cooperation in the frame of yearly Foundry Forums since 2011.

BRICS Foundry Association is the project of multilateral, interregional, industrial cooperation and the first industrial association of BRICS countries.

Establishment BRICS Foundry Association
The aim of the Association is consolidation of national foundry enterprises and organizations of BRICS countries for international industrial cooperation development and assisting to implementation of national development plans for providing BRICS economies sustainability as integral part of global economy.

Assisting to BRICS SMEs access to comprehensive, modern technologies and innovations for foundry industry is also one of the key tasks of BRICS Foundry Association.

Foundry production is a basic pillar of machine building and machine tool industry: 30 – 50 % of mass of tools, machines, equipment, tools etc. consists of foundry products. At the same time foundry enterprises closely connected with metallurgy production and technology by providing foundries with metal raw materials.

Thus, Foundry industry is a vital technology chain in production cluster “Metallurgy– Foundry–Machine building” which defines rate of industrial development of real economy national sector and which is considered as one of priority, key factors of country sustainable economy.

The role of branches Associations was emphasized at the BRICS Summit 2015 in Ufa at the discussions of BRICS Roadmap accepted by BRICS leaders for further development:

“Russia has also drafted a Roadmap for BRICS investment cooperation. We expect our partners to contribute to it so that we could finalize the documents before the end of this year.
We had consultations with our business representatives and have already placed some 50 projects and business initiatives on this roadmap. These include proposals to set up an Energy association, create an International Centre for energy studies and a Foundry Union.” (From the speech of President of Russia Vladimir Putin at BRICS Leaders’ meeting in expanded format. July 9, 2015, Ufa

Establishment BRICS Foundry Association
Establishment of transnational industrial association is a new stage of cooperation between BRICS countries. On initiative of UNIDO Centre in the Russian Federation and Russian foundry enterprises of Industrial Innovation Club of UNIDO Centre in RF complex proposal on development of industrial clusters “Metallurgy– Foundry–Machine building” was included in BRICS Roadmap where BRICS Foundry Association is an important consolidating technology chain.

Consolidation of industrial efforts of BRICS countries in particular branches and concrete projects is aimed to solution of key tasks of sustainable economic growth: development of real sector of economy, industrial development, development of technology and innovation, development of SMEs business.

Igor Kulkov
National Representative at the V BRICS Foundry Forum
Coordinator of Industrial Innovation Club of UNIDO Centre in the Russian Federation