Open dialogue “Situational center. Efficient Production 4.0”

March 16, 2022

Open dialogue. Situational center. Efficient Production 4.0

Director of the CIIC UNIDO Moscow Mr. Sergey Korotkov took part online in the Round table “Situational center. Efficient Production”, which took place within the framework of the practical industrial Conference “Efficient Production 4.0”. The conference was organized by the Tsifra Group of Companies.

The table was moderated by Pavel Rastopshin, Managing Director of Tsifra Group, co-moderator — Artem Dalevich, Vice President of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Among the speakers were:

  • Yaroslav Popov, Head of Industrial Software, ANO Competence Center for Import Substitution in the Field of ICT
  • Vladimir Dozhdev, Director of the Department of Digital Technologies, Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation
  • Vladislav Kochkurov, General Director of CAT JSC
  • Valery Teplov, Production Director, United Engine Corporation JSC
  • Alexander Buchinsky, founder, general director of NPO Gran
  • Daniil Kashtanov, Director of the Department of Digitalization of Technological Processes and Systems of the Management Company of LocoTech LLC
  • Dmitry Lyapeykov, Head of Technical Database Management Department, Kontaktor JSC (Legrand Group brand)
  • Oleg Kochetkov, General Director of OOO Stankomashstroy
  • Irina Balakhonova, Advisor to the General Director of JSC PO Elektropribor for digitalization and development of production systems, JSC Concern Avtomatika
  • Alexander Gromyko, Managing Director of the Mechanical Engineering and Metalworking Division, Tsifra Group of Companies

The participants discussed operational action plans to prevent forced downtime in production chains due to the geopolitical situation and relevant practical cases.

The event resulted in a comprehensive analysis of the current situation with the definition of „points of growth“ in the form of a practical digest for industrial enterprises with answers to the most asked questions. As well as a „landmark map“ — a practical collection of measures for the near future for the development of industry.

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