International scientific conference of students and young scientists "For the sustainable development of civiliza-tion: cooperation, science, education, technology was held in RUDN

November 26, 2022

On November 22-26, RUDN University hosted the International Scientific Conference of Students and Young Scientists “For the Sustainable Development of Civilization: Cooperation, Science, Education, Technology”.

The objectives of the Conference were:

  1. to hold a communication, share information between the youth scientific community, discuss the sustainable development issues;
  2. to organize interaction between educational, research organizations and public authorities within the framework of youth scientific and technical events at the regional and global level;
  3. to implement the priority agenda of sustainable development at the regional and international levels.

The conference included a plenary session, strategic and thematic sessions on all 17 SDGs in the main regions of the world. Students and young scientists have met to talk about the main trends? achievements and challenges our civilization meets as well as technologies in the field of sustainable development that are to be developed at the international and regional levels.

Director of the UNIDO CIIC Sergey Korotkov made a welcoming speech at the Conference. In his speech, he noted the importance of popularizing the SDG agenda among students and youth, and also noted the importance of cooperation between the University and UNIDO .