Burn-out of employees discussed at All-Russian Labor Protection Week

September 09, 2021

Burn-out of employees discussed at All-Russian Labor Protection Week

On September 7-9, Moscow hosted a large-scale event for specialists in the field of labor safety, health, ecology and industrial safety — the Forum „All-Russian Labor Protection Week“ (VNOT-2021), organized by the Association for the Promotion of Occupational Health and Safety „ETALON“. This year it was held under the motto „No risks!“

The speakers and participants of the event were heads of companies, specialized specialists, representatives of public organizations from Russia, the CIS countries and Europe. Among them were the WHO Representative in Russia Melita Vujnovich, Director for Production Safety at Danone Group in Russia Dmitry Zubov, Director of the UNIDO Center in Russia Sergey Korotkov and others.

The experts discussed issues of automation of labor protection processes, an approach to digitalization in terms of the implementation of technological solutions and the practical use of these solutions in terms of monitoring production processes. Particular attention in the digitalization block was paid to the demonstration of wearable devices that are actively used to increase the level of safety culture in production.

Participants of VNOT-2021 spoke about the degree of resilience of modern companies to the problem of mental health and employees’ burnout, which has become especially acute during the pandemic and very expensive for business. Meanwhile, many studies have shown that improving the well-being of employees leads to an improvement in the business performance of enterprises.

Within the framework of VNOT-2021, Moscow also hosted the official launch in Russia of the 5Z concept, an international project aimed to create safe and sustainable organizations, focused on the ISSA Vision Zero concept and the UN Sustainable Development Goals until 2030.

The launch was carried out by the ETALON Association in cooperation with the ORP International Foundation. Elena Compasenko, Head of the HSE Department of Zarubezhneft, shared her experience of the company’s effective transition to the new 5Z concept.

“It is important to note that the effective implementation of 5Z tools begins at the correct self-assessment of the enterprise, therefore, first of all, we shuold honestly assess ourselves,” said the speaker. “In addition, the transition will take place only if the head of the enterprise fully understands the importance of this process. In this sense, our company is very lucky, ”she said.

By the end of the year, Moscow will host events dedicated to popularizing the 5Z concept, including with the support and participation of representatives of the UNIDO Center in the Russian Federation.