All-Russian Forum "B2CDTO: Business Practices For The Digital State"

November 15, 2021

On November 12, the Russia Segodnya Press Center, with the support of VimpelCom, hosted the B2CDTO forum — business practice for the digital state. The forum was organized by the Digital Economy Development Fund, Forum.Digital company.

Within the framework of the forum, participants discussed digital technologies that allow to optimize the processes of public administration and planning: platforms for the provision of public services, digital monitoring and decision-making systems, electronic services in the field of public safety, transport, ecology and energy, electronic document management platforms. The participants of the sections discussed the future of digitalization in such areas as artificial intelligence, Big Data, Internet of Things, 5G.

Director of the UNIDO CIIC in the Russian Federation Sergey Korotkov took part in the “Big Data” section with a report on “Digitalization and business. UNIDO Approach ”. In his report, Mr. Korotkov spoke about measures to promote the dissemination of advanced digital production technologies (ADP). In particular, UNIDO annually holds a competition for innovative projects and technologies for sustainable development UNIDO GLOBAL CALL. This year, RUNWITHIT Synthetics won one of the prizes in the category „Decarbonization of a growing urban environment“, using an artificial intelligence (AI) system to create living digital laboratories of the future, focused on specific cities and regions.

The event was attended by representatives of 51 regions, regional governors and heads of republics, heads of digital transformation of federal and regional authorities, heads of leading technology companies, developers of technologies, solutions, platforms, integrators and consultants, representatives of the expert community, universities and scientific organizations.