First International Agro-Industry Investment Forum in Ethiopia

August 04, 2016

First International Agro-Industry Investment Forum in Ethiopia

On October 5-7, 2016 the Government of Ethiopia together with the UNIDO are conducting the First International Agro-Industry Investment Forum in Addis-Ababa, Ethiopia.

The Forum aims to facilitate foreign investment in light industry in Ethiopia. The Forum will have special focus on food processing, textiles and garments, as well as leather and leather products. Participants of the Forum will be able to learn about investment opportunities in the above-mentioned sectors, investment environment in Ethiopia and incentives schemes for foreign investors, as well as learn about experience of current investors in Ethiopia.

Around 600 participants are expected to attend the Forum, including representatives of the public and private sectors of Ethiopia, international financial institutions, domestic and international enterprises (mainly from Asia, the European Union and the Gulf region), industry associations and international organizations. A number of representatives of the Russian industry are invited to join the Forum.

The Forum is expected to become a platform for creating strategic partnerships between investors, Ethiopian entrepreneurs and government. Within B2G and B2B events governmental institutions and entrepreneurs of Ethiopia will showcase their work to potential investors and will have an opportunity to discuss cooperation options with them. For the duration of the event an exhibition for national and international companies will be set-up. In addition to the business meeting opportunities and the exhibition, field visits will be organized for interested participants.

Ethiopia today is one of the fastest growing non-oil producing economies in the world. Each year it attracts more investors offering a conducive investment environment which in large has been the result of successful economic and social reforms. The hosts of the Forum are hoping that this event will help mobilize additional investment needed for ensuring sustainable economic development of Ethiopia.

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